JH6160 series product summarize
  JH6160 series electroacoustic tester is a proffessional instrument for testing electroacoustic parameters of all kinds of electroacoustic equipment.JH6160 which colligate different apparatus' different testing requests has all kinds of testing accessary,and equip preffessional Chinese/English testing soft pack.The instrument makes use of the high and extract computer technique and number signal disposal technique adequately.In allusion to the volume-produce testing request of electroacoustic series apparatus,elaborately produce based on the keystones "quick""steady""exact".The instrument is a high level electroacoustic testing system of strong all-around and easy operate.It is also the instrument which is widely-spread using and well-sold in domestic.
Main technic parameter:
1.Signal founding
  frequency range: 20~20KHz
  frequency err: 1%
  frequency response:

  100~10000Hz: ≤±0.2dB (base on 1KHz)

  20~20000Hz: ≤±0.5dB (base on 1KHz)
  range of output voltage:30~6000 mV (RMS)program control output
  harmonic distortion: 1%
  frequency distributing mode: 1/24 frequency doubling
  maximum output power: 10W (distortion degree≤ 1.5% )
2.measure part
 2.1 frequency response
  frequency range:100~10000Hz:≤±0.3dB(base on 1KHz)
  frequency range:20~20000Hz:≤±0.5dB(base on 1KHz)
  measure err: ≤±0.5dB
 2.2 measure range
  sound signal measure:70~130dB(It is 0 dB when 20mPa)
  electronic signal measure:-70~0dB (It is 0 dB when 1V
  linearity err:every near 10dB<±0.5dB
 2.3 impedance testing
  measure range:0~1000Ω
  measure err: 5%
3.measure err of the whole instrument
  measure err:≤±1dB
4.using circumstance
  power supply:50Hz,220V±10%
  work temperature: 0~+40℃
  relative humidity: 80%

Main function introduction:
1.Continuous sweep frequency testing or single-frequency testing.
2.Circular sweep frequency testing or single sweep frequency testing.
3.Testing range of sweep frequency:20~20000Hz.It can be setup by users randomly.
4.Testing signal voltage of signal output endding can be setup by soft itself.
5.User can setup several parameters free according to testing demand.
6.The testing curve can be frozen,saved and printed.
7.The screen can display one or several frozen,saved curves.The users can use them to compare and analyse.
8.Automactic electroni signal emendation,it can redeem the influence which case by the changement of outside temperature.
9.The setup of testing circumtance and every item parameter can be saved in disk.It can transform between every QC parameter easily.