JH6160(RH)/JH6160(RH)B electroacoustic tester for steareo earphone.
Apply range:
JH6160(RH)-electroa_coustic capability testing specially for all kinds of double sound channel earphone.
JH6160(RH)B-electroa_coustic capability testing specially for head and mike steareo earphone
Maximum testing range of frequency:
Main testing function:
It can test 1KHz sensitivety,average sensitivety,frequency response curve,1KHz AC impedance of apparatus,impedance curve for moving-coil instrument.
Main capability character:
1.It is designed specially for testing earphone.A full testing just need five
2.The novelty and blue-chip testing shelf
which designed according to standard head
equips double track IEC318 emulational ear.It can test the consistency of two ears in one testing.
3.It has work electric source of testing source of loudspeaker(electric pressure:1.5V、2.0V、2.5V、3.0V、4.5V、6.0V;impedance:680Ω、1.0KΩ、2.2KΩ、3.3KΩ、4.7KΩ)