Apply range:
JH6160(RT)-electroa_coustic capability testing specially for hand earphone(singnal earphone+mike)
JH6160(RT)B-electroa_coustic capabiity testing specially for handset(receiver+microphone transmitter)
Maximum testing range:
Main testing function:
  It can test 1KHz sensitivety,average sensitivety,frequency response curve and AC impedance,impedance curve for moving-coil instrument.
Main capability characteristic:
  The tester is designed specially for production testing.It can test either the finish product or the monomer bugle.During one testing,it can test two instruments' character curve at the same time.
  The tester has work electric source of testing mike(capacitor)(electic pressure:1.5V、 2.0V、 2.5V、 3.0V、 4.5V 、6.0V ;impedance:680Ω、 1.0KΩ、 1.5K Ω、2.2KΩ、 3.3KΩ、 4.7KΩ)