JH1230 frequency swept signal founding
Apply range:The pure sound testing for speaker,buzzer,loudspeaker of earphone and sound box.
Main capability character:
1.Adopt the advanced number combining technic,and the output signal frequency and the range is steady
2.Multicenter unaided power magnity,and it can be used by more than a man.
3.Adopt intuitionistic number to setup the swept starting,swept ending,range of signal,and swept speed.
4.Adopt the keyboard with touching electron switch,and overcome the unreliable and life short shortcomings of tradition mechanical switch.
Main technic parameter:
1.The maximum of swept range:20Hz-24KHz
2.Frequency response:100Hz-10KHz:±0.3dB

3.The range of output voltage:JH1230 4X12W,0~8W(RMS)
                JH1230 2X25W,0~12V(RMS)
                JH1230 68W,0~16V(RMS)
4.Harmonic distortion:1%
5.Maximum power output:09999
6.Work mode:automatic swept,odd frequency by hand
7.Swept mode:1/48 frequency