Product introduction
ĦĦĦĦThe tester applies abroad in all kinds of receiver hand telephone's receiver,loudspeaker,hand telephone's loudspeaker,singnal and double channel hand telephone's earphone,moving-coil loudspeaker,capacitor loudspeaker and any other sound and communication equipment.
The tester adopts fire-new aluminum alloy chest and computer hardware of high quality.The whole machine's stability heightens lagely.The tester also increases many functions which is useful for production testing based on the third general product.Worked in pneumatic control compounding of testing tool which is empoldered by our company own.The tester can heighten the testing efficiency and exact.Nowdays,the tester has applied in shanghai pioneer electroacoustic,linjia electric sound and any other well_known electroacoustic manufacture product line successfully in and out of the country.The company can supply many testing projects which have been adoped by some large companied,and it can design and make all kinds of special testing tool clamps.
pneumatic tool's group of loudspeaker