JH301 extruder machine
Apply range:
  singal liquid rotundity immit glue during the production of all kinds of medium and minitype electro_acoustic apparatus.It also can be used in other products.
Capability characteristic:immit glue exactly,adjusting exactly
  1.Controled directly by the proffessional,import and exact electric machine,conquer the dithering phenomena caused by some tradition extruder machine.
  2.The exact three_dimensional interspace adjusting can satify your every tiny adjusting need.It also has no excursion during the course of locking.
Main technic parameters:
  1.Course time:0.5゛3 senconds
  2.Immit glue time(immit glue amount):0゛2 seconds
  3.Delay time of lylinder rise:0゛1 seconds
  4.Minimum immit glue amount:0.02mL
  5.Turn dais size:big    small:
  6.power supply:220V \10%、50/60Hz
  7.power supply's air pressure:0.2゛0.8Mpa