JH203 computer automatic threader
  It mainly be used to coil all kinds of moving_coil electro_automatic apparatus's sound coil.Tt also can be used in other machining for inductance coil.
Capability characteristic:
  1.The pneumatic extrusion doff model set controled automatictly can increase production efficiency and reduce work intensity.
  2.It adopts new type and electric machine whose toppest rotate speed can be more than 6000 circles per minute.The electric machine's movement is more balanceable and its life is longer.
  3.The making line of new and mending design makes the making line smoother,the line is dapperer and the adjusting is more convenient.
Main technic parameters:
  1.Control range of circle amount:10゛9000 circles
  2.Control exact of circle amount:< \ 1circles
  3.Apply line diameter:0.02゛0.3mm
  4.The toppest ratate speed−6000 circles per minute
  5.The lowest ratate speed「300 circles per minute
  6.Circle amount control of slow startup:0゛9 circles
  7.The delay time of doff model extrusion:0~3 senconds
  8.The delay time of doff model back:0~3senconds electric source??220V\10%、50Hz
  9.Axis slipcover size of line model:
  10.Electric source:220V \10%、50/60Hz
  11.Air source's air pressure: 0.3~0.8Mpa