Familiar question & answer
1.The host computer can't be set up.
3.Appear:"Keyboard error or no keyboard present"
4.Appear:"Keyboard error or no keyboard present"
5.Can't enter testing state after setting up and the screen is full of pink.
6.The instrument is at testing state with swept testing but no signal output and can't test the frequency response.
7.There will be dithering or a big and unnormal low_limit (concave/protrude) while testing frenquency response curve of the instrument.
8.The low frequency range of frenquency response drop .
9.The top of the frequency curve is cut in to a line.
10.The sensitivety of the same instrument is changing while the time is changing.
11.The sensitivety of the same equipment testing by two instruments is different.
12.The technical indecator of the same equipment tested by two instrument is not the same.
13.Can't test the frequency response curve when the Following Fillter is open.
14.The cacophony of the instrument is loud(Noice is too loud)
15.Can't test the frequency response curve(have input signal but have no output signal)

16.The host computer has open,while the display is black screen after thenoise of "DE"

17.Appear the prompt of:"Write protect error writing drive A Abort,Retry,Fail ?"