The upgrade soft of HA2020S Electroacoustic Testing Equipment.
                            ( [2004-4-3]
Program explaination:
  1.Modify the "F8" function key in order to draw the limit frame line automatically with inputting frequency value and dB value.
  Operation method:Under the state of limit frame line setting,the former function is unchangeble,add "F1" key,you can transform between the inputting state and moving arrowhead state.It must be inputting state when there be green characters in the table below.In such situation you can input with number key directly.Press "Enter" to ensure,and press "ESC" to back.
  2.Add the impedance testing of setting random frequency point,setting of the upper&lower limit for impedance.
  3.Add the range of F0,the setting of range and upper&lower limit for F0 testing.
  4.Add the setting on the "B" item of scheme table,you can setup on the "B" item directly.The former function key <shift>+<F1> is canceled.
  5.Add one item F0 in automatic testing function [Here separate the F0 testing item from others,and you can only test F0 by pressing <F2> ,also can use the automatic testing function.]
Upgrade explaination:
After the file is downloaded,open the compressed file by using the zip PKWare,then decompress it to the floppy disk.Put the floppy disk into the floppy drive of the testing instrument,and finish upgrade by running the "8"file in the floppy disk.