Series of JH6160 Expert Electroacoustic Tester

The JH6160 series electroacoustic tester is a professional instrument for testing capabilities and indexes of various electroacoustic implements. We have regarded “JH6160” mainframe as its platform and designed various types of testing accessories colligating different test requests of different implements. The instrument is equipped with professional testing software pack which is in Chinese/English, and forms series of electroacoustic testers. The tester fully utilizes today’s advanced computer technology and technology dealing with digital signal. Contraposing the producing and testing requests in enormous quantities of electroacoustic implements, we optimize design with “quick”, “steady”, “accurate” as emphases. The tester is a set of high-level electroacoustic measure system with strong comprehensibility and easy operation. The tester most quantity of which has been sold in national market by far is also the most widely used instrument in national electroacoustic calling. Now it has been successfully applied to Shanghai Pioneer Electroacoustic,Lingjia Electroacoustic etc. well-known electroacoustic manufacturing enterprises both here and abroad.

Main technical indicators:
Ⅰ. Signal generator:
1.Range of frequency:
  Other types:20~20KHz
2. Frequency error: ≤1%
3. Frequency response
  20~20000Hz: ≤±0.5dB(1KHz for datum)
4.Range of output level: 0~5000 mV (RMS)
5. Harmonic distortion: ≤ 1%
6. Distribution mode of frequency: 1/24 octave graduation

Ⅱ. Part of measure:
1. Frequency response
  100~10000Hz:≤±0.3dB(1KHz for datum)
  20~20000Hz: ≤±0.5dB(1KHz for datum)
2. Range of measurement
  Measure of sound signal: 50~140dB (regard 20μPa as 0dB)
  Measure of electrical signal: -80~+10dB (regard 1V as 0dB )
  Linearity error: per adjacent 10dB<±0.2dB

Ⅲ.Operating environment:
1.Power supply: 50Hz,220V±10%
2.Temperature of working: 0~+40℃
3.Relative humidity: ≤80%




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