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Brief Introduction
Our Music pillow, which was recently developed by our company, is a patented product which combines a sleep pillow with music capabilities. It brings to people a new way to sleep. Enjoy your favorite music while relaxing in a TOTAL comfort.

Medical studies have shown that people which listen to some music before sleeping improve the quality and depth of their sleeping habit. The benefit of relaxation and comfort improves everyone sleep quality and is especially helpful for people that suffer from insomnia. Our company's recent research shows that 70% of ALL people listen to music before sleeping and 30% have used some form of relevant product to do so. However 40% of people are dissatisfied in the manner that they are able to listen to music before sleeping. We believe that our music pillow solves that problem with its built-in capabilities. Therefore, the results of our research are showing tremendous marketing potential.

Product Introduction
Our patented music pillow combines a pillow with a personal earphone built-in so as not to disturb any one else nearby. It has an easily accessible leads on its end for connecting to all types of electronics. These include MP3, MP4, cell phones, CD players, radios, etc. The core technology of our music pillow is the sound quality produced by the earpiece. Our Company has over 20 Years experience in Electro-Acoustic Technology. It has also solved the problem of low power drive and high pressure acoustic sensitivity. No batteries or any other power source is needed to enjoy the comfort and capabilities of our music pillow. Therefore our music pillow combines Safety, since there is no power source; Health Benefits, comfortable pillow which produces sound restful sleep; environmental protection, because it uses no batteries, there are none to dispose of. The first generation product was developed in May of 2007. It has proven to be a success by the media and is used in some high class markets of the European Market. Currently, our company has developed the next generation music pillow earphone. Our company is proud in obtaining many certificates, most notably: ISO9001, 2000; EMC; EN71-1; EN62115; EN55013; EN55020 and ROHS.

Comparison of music pillow & traditional products

Products advantage shortcoming
Home acoustics directly play For many people listening to Inconvenient for use, influence others

All kinds of portable audiovisuals(e.g.MP3, MP4, mobile phone, radio, walkman, etc.)? together with common earphones

Easy to use players; many channels for program; energy-saving; can be taken to other places, without disturbing others Sleeping with earphone brings inconvenience & discomfort, influencing people’s listening ability, making the earphone broken, even affecting communication with others because of abnormal hearing the outside sounds
Using all kinds of portable audiovisuals together with music pillow Convenient, comfortable, good listening effect, energy-saving, safety; have little influence on others & the communication between people; portable player, many program sources The part of music pillow is inconvenient to carry with

Innovative Music pillow, our patented product, closely combined with pillow, music & health. Its appearance brings people a new way for listening music, making people easily get asleep in an environment of relaxing, safety & comfortable!

Take advantage of our 20 years experience in designing & manufacturing of electro-acoustic, successfully solved the technical problem that micro-loudspeaker, by use of low-power drive to gain high voice pressure sensitivity & wide voice frequency, realize good acoustic effects at the cost of small loudspeaker & low power consumption.



Modern medicine reported that listening to some beautiful music before sleeping is helpful for relaxing, releasing stress and improving sleeping quality, especially good for the insomniac, effectively shorten the time for getting asleep and improve the insomnia. Using this item can effectively overcome the problem that sleeping with earphone brings people inconvenience and discomfort, even has effect on people’s listening ability.


Adopted micro-power drive, the earphone can directly connect any players (e.g. MP3, MP4, etc.) with earphone output holes. No batteries or other power sources needed, effectively avoid hidden danger.



Compared with any products which need batteries or any other socket power, our product is energy-saving, meanwhile, avoids a series of problems, such as unhealthy brought by used batteries and environment pollutions caused by discarded batteries.

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