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Procedure to become distributors£º
Running advertisement for investment¡úthe distributors ask for catalogue¡úthe distributors submit the application¡úqualification evaluation¡úcontract signature¡útraining on products&business¡úopening preparation¡úProducts on sale& Sales organization¡údaily follow up,coordination service,protect local interest and offer sales support

¡ôIf you would like to become our distributor,you can consult the headquater and submit application(the form of application provided by the headquater)
¡ôThe headquater will make assessment for the applicant,check the distribution region,fund capability,etc.
¡ôThe headquater will assist the distributors to make reasonable and feasible marketing strategy.
¡ôThe two parties will sign a formal contract after the strategy made.
¡ôAccording to the written marketing strategy,the staff of our headquater will assist the distributors to make some pre-opening preparation,such as site selection,storefront decoration,staff training,open planning and handbook designing,etc.
¡ôBefore the opening,the headquater will assist the distributors to assess the preparation work and put it into practice so as to ensure the successful opening.
¡ôBefore the formal opening,the staff of our headquater will offer phone&email consultant or go to the target market in person to assist the distributors to work well.¡£
¡ôThe headquater will establish operation files for our distributors,meanwhile always care the distributors¡¯operation condition and offer timely instruction and improvement;The headquater will follow up and offer service,such as staff training,products promotion,management improvement,new items update,etc. in order to push sales for the liscensee stores.