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Expansion: We will offer full set of products(timely update) to ensure the distributors can get the information of our latest items so that they would invest in routine advertising selectively.
For new comers, to ensure brand successfully promoted,we will participate in the local marketing investigation, make location assessment for speciality stores and do feasibility analysis for market environment.
Public Image: The image of terminal mart is designed by planning dept. free of charge.
Training: The company will offer self-study handbooks for music pillow sales,give relevant instructions and appoint personnels to supervise.
Promotion: The company will offer complete strategy for promotion and make routine update; provide promotion products to ensure the good effect;
Diagnosis: The company or territorial manager will periodically appoint personnels to make diagnosis for the distributors, solve the actual problems and adjust the sales strategy to ensure the sound operation of speciality stores.
Return: Jiahong Electroacoustic Science&Tech Co.,Ltd undertakes to replace free of charge any defective parts or unabroken without harming the resell.
Logistics: The company has reliable transportation and logistic infrastructure,who can offer correct, rapid and high-effective service to the terminals.
Protection: The company will strictly execute the territorial protection policy to ensure the reasonable market developing space for every distributor.